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Israel and a Palestinian State:
Zero Sum Game?


Arieh Stav (ed.)

Zmora-Bitan Publishers and ACPR Publishers, 2001

This collection of articles, appendices and documents deals with different aspects of the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Western Land of Israel, thus reducing Israel to the borders of June 4, 1967. This initiative, known as "the peace process", involves a paradox where a minuscule democracy is being forced to provide to its totalitarian enemies - scores of times its size - the only thing that it lacks: territory. In exchange, these dictatorial regimes promise to provide the one and only thing that they lack: peace.

The essence of the current process is the establishment of an Arab-Palestinian state in addition to the on that already exists in Jordan, this time in Eretz Israel, beginning with Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, the cradle of the Hebrew nation and the raison d'etre of Judaism and Zionism.

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Introduction: "Palestine Will Rise Upon the Ruins of Israel": Yitzhak Rabin - Arieh Stav


A Disaster Foretold

Two and a Half Palestinian States - Raphael Israeli

A Disaster Foretold: The Strategic Dangers of a Palestinian State - Aharon Levran

Israel: The West Bank and Modern Arms - Edward Saar

Arafat's Independent Palestine: Defense/Military Impact on Israel - Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto

A Worst Case Scenario: A Palestinian Guerilla Offensive on the Outskirts of Tel Aviv - Yuval Steinitz

Fighting Terror and Winning - Binyamin Netanyahu

Palestinian Expectancy in the Image of Zionism - Aharon Ben-Ami

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In International Law - Elon Jarden

Rhetoric of Hatred

Religious, Cultural and Rhetorical Aspects in Palestinian Strategy - Mordechai Nisan

Palestinian Ideology and Practice 5 Years after Oslo - Moshe Sharon

Educating Palestinian Children in the Post Oslo Era... - Raphael Israeli

Israel and the Jews in the Schoolbooks of the Palestinian Authority - Shlomo Sharan

The Hydro-Political Implications of the Oslo Agreements: An Israeli Perspective - Martin Sherman

The Geographic Aspect of a Palestinian State - Arnon Soffer

The Palestinian Refugee Issue and the Demographic Aspect - Atalia Ben-Meir

Israeli Arabs: The Development of Irredentism - Haggai Huberman

Why Demilitarization is Not the Remedy: Israel, Palestine and International Law - Louis René Beres

US and Europe

A Palestinian State in American Policy - Ezra Sohar

The EU View of a Palestinian State - Christopher Barder

Should America Guarantee Israel's Safety - Irving Moskowitz

A Palestinian State and American Interests (Reprinted from: A Palestinian State: Implications for Security and American Policy, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, 1999) - Rudy Boschwitz

Czechoslovakia 1938 - Israel Today - Arieh Stav



The Beginning of the End? - Yosef Ben-Shlomo

A Palestinian State and the Israeli Public Opinion - Sarit Yalov

The Promise of Post-Oslo Peace and Prosperity: Fantasy in the Guise of Vision - Martin Sherman


Other Perspectives

Israel, A Palestinian State and the Middle East Plus Sum Potentials - Yehezkel Dror

Bi-National Realities versus National Mythologies: The Death of the "Two States" Solution - Ilan Pappe


Territorial Corridors between Gaza and Judea and Samaria - Arnon Soffer

Why Military Limitations on a "Palestinian" State Will Fail: A Legal Assessment - Howard Grief

A Palestinian State, Katyusha Range and Strategic Enforcement - Editorial

Shoulder Missile Capabilities with the 1967 Borders Ben-Gurion Airport as an Example - Editorial

The Joint Chiefs of Staff Map for Defensible Israeli Borders - Editorial

We Will Kill, We Will be Killed: Statements by Arafat since the Peace Process Began - Editorial

We Have Made a Covenant with Death and a Contract with Hell - Editorial


Documents (Chronological order)

UN Resolution 181

Resolution 194

PLO Charter

PLO Phased Plan

Hamas Charter

Fateh Constitution

Camp David Agreement

Oslo I Accord

Oslo II Accord

Israel-Jordan Agreement

Wye Memorandum

Sharm e-Sheikh Memorandum