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כורח ההכרעה

The Imperative to Achieve Decisive Victory

Aharon Levran

Policy Paper No. 137 (Hebrew), 2002

The conclusion drawn from our deliberations is that defeating the “Authority” and its organizations is an elixir of life for us. The victory is, perhaps, not simple, but it is the right thing to do. It is right, because every other alternative is not viable, or is simply inferior. After all, it is clear, after years of bitter experience that there is no appropriate solution to the problem and the wise option is to choose the solution that is least harmful. Defeating the Palestinians is that solution. We must rid the world of the monster that we created. It is clear that there is no hope for the “Authority” and all of its organizations as far as we are concerned, and euthanasia is preferable for them. The proposal of a “political horizon” today is a pathetic attempt to artificially revive a terminal patient.

And one last word: Eighteen months of this intolerable conflict have not at all “proven” that there is no military solution, but rather it has proven impotence and disappointing leadership.

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