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The View from the USA
Louis René Beres

The View from the UK
Christopher Barder

October 2010:
A View from here: the Rot at the Heart of Europe

Perspectives on

Foreign Policy
in the Middle East

Mark Silverberg




From the Nativ Archives:

Stop Them with a
Clear-Cut Victory
Moshe Sharon

The year is 2007; it is the beginning of September. I am writing this for readers in the future so that they will be aware of period in which this document was composed.

This time one year ago, the northern half of the tiny state of Israel was under constant attack of missiles that fell not only on villages, and on towns, conveniently called “the periphery” on such occasions, but also on Haifa, the major port of Israel, the centre of its heavy industry, oil refineries, and vital chemical plants. Any normal country would have retaliated by laying waste the territory from which such indiscriminate attacks were aimed at civilians and civilian installations. Any normal country would have declared war immediately on the country from which these attacks came and would have given orders to its army to conquer that country or at least those parts of it that were used as bases for the missile attacks. 

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From the Nativ Archives:


The Question of the Applicability of the Fourth Geneva Convention on Occupation to Judea, Samaria and Gaza

Howard Grief

From the Nativ Archives:


Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW)
Financing and the Coming Ummah

Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen

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The War of Attrition
in the “Land of Pursuits”:
The 1968-1970 War in the Jordan Valley

Aaron Yaffe
Book Review

Shlomo Sharan
Infidels: A History of
the Conflict between Christendom and Islam

Andrew Wheatcroft

Dehumanizing the Other:
Muslim Arab Anti-Semitism Today
Robert S. Wistrich

Al-Gomhouriyya (Egypt), June 2, 2007,
“The Quartet”


Anti-Semitism in Arab societies and in Iran is the most potent and menacing form of hostility to Jews that exists anywhere in the contemporary world. It has become thoroughly embedded in recent decades (especially since 2000) in the body politic of Islam. The reams of hate literature against the Jews constantly appearing in mainstream Arab newspapers and magazines and the anti-Semitic propaganda pervading Middle  Eastern TV channels has reached staggering proportions.


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President Obama’s
Middle East Advisers:
An Existential Danger to Israel

Jay Shapiro

The purpose of this document is to provide concise information about the perceptions of the persons, both within the Obama administration and think-tank scholars, who will use their influence to aid President Obama to formulate and implement the Middle East Policy of the United States, specifically concerning the Israel-Arab dispute.


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The Most Fateful Conference
of All Times in Jewish History
Part II
 Ervin Birnbaum


The Evian Conference
Hitler’s Green Light for Genocide


In the wake of the reports regarding the humiliation and sufferings to which Jewry was exposed under the heels of the Nazis, (President) F.D.R. called for an international conference with the bold intent of finding a solution for those wretched people. The plan for the conference was announced on March 22, 10 days after the Anschluss.


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