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Czechoslovakia 1938 - Israel Today

Arieh Stav

Policy Paper No. 15, 1997
Revised, Updated and Published as Policy Paper No. 106, 2000
Also part of the book
Israel and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game?, 2001


The potential strategic threat facing the State of Israel today is more than that facing any other state in the world. The current political process, called the "peace process", aims at returning Israel to its pre-1967 borders. Abba Eban has defined these frontiers as "Auschwitz borders", and Shimon Peres wrote: "without defensible boundaries, the state will be destroyed in war", for within the 1967 lines "Israel would not be able to defend itself."

The historical precedent of Czechoslovakia being wiped off the face of the map is alarmingly similar to the process we are witnessing in regard to Israel. One of today's most worrisome aspects is the apathy of the public, which is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of "peace". This apathy is largely the result of media brain-washing and ceaseless international pressure.

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