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Muhammad's Monsters

David Bukay, ed.

AR: Balfour Books and Israel: ACPR Publishers, 2004, 300 pages.

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“If you want to understand radical Islam, read this book!”

  • Find out why dhimmitude is important to understanding the war on terror

  • Learn who the key leaders are among Moslem radicals

  • Analyzes the threats posed by weapons systems being developed in radical regimes

  • Explains why unstable Middle East regimes continue to be propped-up

Since 9/11, the rush to learn about Islam has been a common goal for a broad spectrum of Americans — from politicians, to clergy, to soccer moms. Indeed, a lack of knowledge of this religion has publishers scrambling for titles. Muhammad’s Monsters represents that rare project — scholarly in tone, yet highly readable — that sets it apart. Essays from leading experts outline the broad dimensions of Islam, while filling in important details. Careful to distinguish between moderate Moslems and radicals who have adopted monstrous methods of dealing with the West, this is a work of utmost importance.

Participating Experts and Their Topics:


David Bukay

Islamic Fundamentalism and the Arab Political Culture

Anthony Dennis

A New and More Dangerous Era

Charles Selengut

Sacred Visions and Religious Terror: The Case of Islam

Shaul Shay

The Afghan Alumni and the Clash between Civilizations

Joseph Farah

How Islam Plays the Press

Mordechai Nisan

The War of Islam Against Minorities in the Middle East

Patrick Sookhdeo

Genocide in Sudan

Raphael Israeli

From Bosnia to Kosovo: The Re-Islamization of the Balkans

K.P.S. Gill and
Ajai Sahni

Extremist Islamist Terror and Subversion in South Asia

David Pryce-Jones

Muslim Immigration and the West

Robert S. Wistrich

Islamic Judeophobia: An Existential Threat

Gerald M. Steinberg and Aharon Etengoff

Nuclear Programs of Arab and Islamic States: Capabilities, Strategies, and Implications

Dany Shoham

The Chemical and Biological Threat of Islam

Yehezkel Dror

Facing Insurgent Islam: A Grand-Strategy for the West

David Bukay

What Is to Be Done?

Including a Glossary of Islamic Terms

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