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The Closed Circle:
An Interpretation of the Arabs


David Pryce-Jones


Kinneret-Zmora-Bitan-Dvir Publishers and
ACPR Publishers, (Hebrew),
2004, 414 pages

Reviews of the original book in English:

Elie Kedourie with the best historical works, The Closed Circle is the outcome, and the resolution, of a puzzlement.

Amos Elon
Powerful...must be considered and appreciated even by those who think they disagree with it.

David Morgan, Times Literary Supplement
This is definitely a book to be read, if also one to be thought about carefully and rather critically.

Daniel Pipes
A landmark for understanding the politics of the Middle brilliant as it is depressing.

Hugh Nissenson
A brilliant book.

David K. Shipler, New York Times Book Review
A brilliant insight into the way Arab societies work. A healthy corrective, a thought-provoking study.