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השלום - קריקטורה ערבית
איורים בדימוי היהודי בקריקטורה

Peace: The Arabian Caricature
A Study of Anti-Semitic Imagery

Arieh Stav
Zmora Bitan Publishers, (Hebrew)
1996, 250 pages
ACPR and Gefen Publishers, 1999
, 288 pages


In Peace: The Arabian Caricature, Arieh Stav examines the anti-Semitic caricatures and illustrations of the medieval Christian Church, the Nazis, and especially the modern Arab world's graphic anti-Jewish and anti-Israel depictions.

Though the images in Stav's book do not tell the whole story, they do paint a grisly picture of Arab attitudes towards peace with Israel. What should the Israeli response be? The answer, like the outcome of the peace process, is unclear.

For the complete text of the book (in English), click here.