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Oslo's Gift of "Peace":
The Destruction of Israel's Security

Christopher Barder

ACPR Publishers, 2001, 330 pages


This book illustrates how the effects of the Oslo process on Israel are disastrous. This is achieved by using quite objective criteria and although the data have to be interpreted, the overall effect is clearly shown to be detrimental to many of the necessary ingredients for successful national defense.


Introduction: Madrid and Oslo

Chapter 1. The Northern Border With Hizbolistan

Chapter 2. The Golan Giveaway

Chapter 3. Judea and Samaria

Chapter 4. Gaza and Egypt

Chapter 5. The Impact of the Oslo Accords on the IDF and on Palestinian Militarization

Chapter 6. Oslo and: Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, Jordan and Israel's Arabs

Chapter 7. Oslo and the Place of Israel Among the Nations

Conclusion: A Palestinian State and the State of Israel