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Facts and Fables
in the Mythology of
Islamic and Palestinian Terrorism

David Bukay
Policy Paper No. 162, 2006


Myths and fables abound concerning the origin and characteristics of the most lethal threat to the existence of the Free World today fanatical Islamic terrorism Jihad. This paper explores some of the fallacies, including:

  • Hideous Lies as Successful Propaganda;

  • The Post-Colonialism Syndrome;

  • Homicide Bombings: The Poverty and Education Syndrome;

  • Islam and Modernism: The Civic Culture Syndrome;

  • Islam and Modernism: The Democratic and Developmental Syndrome.

The aim is to expose the ignorance of the world regarding the reality of Islamic terrorism, fanaticism and its real objectives.

The Free World needs an urgent wake-up call as a warning that it must deal with this lethal phenomenon, immediately, before its too late, and fighting off this danger exacts a too-high price in human lives.

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