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A Radical Approach to
the Arab-Israeli Conflict:
Toward Peace Without Negotiation

Mordechai Nisan

Policy Paper No. 148, 2003

The history of Arab-Israeli negotiations and agreements reveals a pattern of incompatible positions, mistrust and deceit, and broken accords. From the 1949 Armistice Agreements until the 1993 Oslo Accords, and since, the Arabs have failed to fulfill written commitments toward Israel. But the various accords themselves proved to be an effective Arab tactic for extracting territory from Israel, without complying with obligations to observe ceasefires, carry out normalization of relations, or promote peace with Israel as a normative value. It therefore is incumbent upon Israel to refuse any political negotiations with the Arab world generally and the Palestinians specifically, thereby denying them this tool for weakening Israel without truly recognizing her national existence. This conclusion is not a prescription for war, but rather a policy proposal to affirm Israel’s political savvy, national honor, while preempting Arab manipulation of peace for the long-term strategic purpose of bludgeoning Israel into submission and collapse.

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