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The Clash of Two Decadent Civilizations
Toward an Hebraic Alternative

Paul Eidelberg

Policy Paper No. 144, 2002

This essay has three parts. Part I discusses the decadence of Islamic civilization. Part II discusses the decadence of Western civilization. Part III discusses the basis of Hebraic civilization, showing how it transcends East and West. Part I portrays Islam’s decline as rooted in hate. Part II reveals the West’s decline as rooted in indifference. Part III reveals Hebraic civilization as rooted in Hesed – kindness.

What is called the “West” today is not equivalent to Western civilization. The latter has been eroded and emasculated by multiculturalism and feminism. The Great Books of Western civilization no longer set the tone of higher education in the West. The quest for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful have been replaced by relativism. Pop culture is the result. Spread abroad, it threatens Islam.

In reacting to this threat by means of suicide bombers, Islam reveals itself not only as a religion driven by hate, but a religion that has exhausted its original creativity. Islamic absolutism, like Western relativism, ends in nihilism. It is in the clash between Western relativism and Islamic absolutism that we are to understand the world-historical necessity of Hebraic civilization, whose restoration awaits the establishment of a New Israel.

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