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The War Against Israel:
Exploiting Democracy to Disenfranchise the Jewish Nation

Atalia Ben-Meir

Policy Paper No. 140, 2002

For decades, Israeli leadership was convinced that Israeli Arabs had undergone an Israelization process, characterized by intensified involvement with Israel and a diminishing Palestinian identity. Reality has upset their whole frame of reference. In the past decade, Israeli-Arab identification with Israel has undergone a steep decline, while their identification as Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority has soared. In tandem with this process, the demarcation between the realization of civil rights and the Palestinian national struggle has gradually blurred, manifesting in an agenda that imperils the continued existence of the State of Israel.

Another linchpin in Israeli-Arab policy is the concerted effort to abolish the Jewish-Zionist character of Israel and transform it into a ďstate of all its citizensĒ, thus depriving Jews of their national rights, including the right for self-determination in a Jewish state. Concomitantly, they have conveyed their unequivocal demand to be recognized as a national minority with national rights, including autonomy. These demands create a zero sum game; capitulation would disenfranchise Jews and dismember Israel into a bi-national state.

The weapon of choice to achieve these goals is Democracy. The strategy adopted and implemented by Israeli-Arabs is to demonize Israel as anti-democratic while they are the true democrats. Within the framework of this credo, support for terrorist organizations bent on slaughtering Jews is democratic; the advocacy of the overthrow of the Israeli government is subsumed under the exercise of free speech; dismembering Israel and disenfranchising Jews is the realization of the Palestinianís right for self-determination.

Standing at the forefront of the war against Israelís integrity are the Arab-Israeli Members of Knesset. Abusing both Israelís democratic ethos and Israeli laws, they have alienated the Israeli-Arab population from Israel and from its Jewish population, aligning them with the Palestinian Authority and its insidious stratagem to destroy the State of Israel.

Clearly, the Arab-Palestinian conflict transcends territorial and equalization issues, but rather relates to the core existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist, Western and modern state in the heart of the Arab world.

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