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A Democratic But “Racist” Solution to the Palestinian Problem

Paul Eidelberg
Policy Paper No. 130, 2001


The author employs the principles of classical or normative democracy to negate the claim that the Palestinian Arabs are entitled to independent statehood. That claim is based, without logical consistency, on the principles of contemporary or normless democracy, now steeped in moral and cultural relativism. Because the author can also employ the principles of contemporary democracy to negate Palestinian statehood, he will be all the more vehemently accused of “racism” by contemporary democrats, to say nothing of Arabs who are anything but democrats. Undeterred by this canard, the author, consistent with his rejection of Palestinian statehood, rejects the related notion of “separation” as a solution to the Palestinian problem – the notion of those who lack the courage and wisdom to deal effectively with the cruel hatred of Arabs toward Jews and their implacable commitment to Israel’s destruction. The author concludes with the only realistic solution to the problem, one that conforms to both democratic and Jewish principles.

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