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Israel at the Crossroads

Arieh Stav
Policy Paper No. 9, From the book:
Israel at the Crossroads, Arieh Stav (ed.),
ACPR Publishers, 1997, 196 pages
(Presented to the J.E.C. on Capitol Hill, October 21, 1997)


Entering its 50th anniversary, Israel finds itself in a unique situation. On the one hand, it is on the verge, or the beginning of economic growth and expansion that will make it a leading economic powerhouse. It will no longer be dependent on others, nor need foreign assistance. On the other hand, despite more than 50 years of struggle and sacrifices, the country not only faces existential threats, similar to 1947-1948, but for the first time the Israeli population is vulnerable to outright annihilation by weapons of mass destruction - a threat that did not exist even during the darkest days of the War of Independence. The profound quandary facing Israel is what path will Israel follow? Will it be a path leading towards security, stability and economic growth, or a path of capitulation and destruction? The great absurdity in all of this is that the "peace process" that should have brought Israeli into the former state, is actually expediting its succumbing to the latter state.