Shlomo Sharan

Shlomo Sharan is Professor Emeritus in Educational and Organizational Psychology, at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University, where he taught from 1966 to 2000. An author of many books, research studies and articles on psychology and education, he has also published numerous articles on Jewish/Zionist topics, including several previous publications by the Ariel Center for Policy Research, including articles in Nativ.



Zionism, the Post-Zionists and Myth: A Critique, 2001

Policy Paper No. 134

Israel and the Jews in the Schoolbooks of the Palestinian Authority!, 1999 (Also in the book Israel and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game?), 2001

Policy Paper No. 58


"State and Religion in Israel: Why the Separation of State and Religion is Inappropriate for Israel" in THE RELIGIOUS-SECULAR CONFLICT IN ISRAEL, by Shlomo Sharan and Ervin Birnbaum, ACPR Publishers, 1999, Paperback, 100 pages.

ISRAEL AND THE POST ZIONISTS: A Nation at Risk, Sussex Academic Press with ACPR Publishers, 2003, 256 pages.