Danny Leshem

Danny Leshem is a strategic affairs analyst who served for about twenty years in the IDF Intelligence Branch. After retiring from the army he worked for about five years as a research analyst at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Tel Aviv, where among other things he published a research memorandum entitled Surface-to-Surface Missiles in Iraq, dated November 1990. DL has published a considerable number of professional and op-ed articles which have appeared in Nativ and Politica periodicals and Yediot Aharonot, The Jerusalem Post, Ha’aretz, Ma’ariv and Shishi newspapers.



IBIS (Israeli Boost Intercept System) – A Critique (In the book Ballistic Missile Defense: The Threat and the Response), 1999

Policy Paper No. 36

The Unholy Trinity: Hizbullah, Syria and Iran (Hebrew), 1999 (Published in Nativ, Vol. 71/6)

Policy Paper No. 94