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A Journal of Politics and the Arts Volume 11 Number 3 (62) ■  May 1998

Table of Contents


BMD - The Israeli Case: Strategy by Default


IBIS (Israeli Boost Intercept System) - A General Introduction - MOAV Project

Moshe Guelman

Systems Perspective: The Dangers of Fragmented Thinking

Yehezkel Dror

Boost Phase Intercept of Ballistic Missiles - MOAV Project


IBIS - A Critique

Daniel Leshem

The Airborne Laser (ABL) - The American View of BPI

Geoffrey E. Forden

European Perspectives on Missile Defense

David Gates

Israel - Strategic Asset or Political Liability (ACPR Forum No. 2)

Moshe Arens.
Simcha Dinitz and Zalman Shoval

No More Apologies

Shmuel Katz

Letter to the Editor

Remarks on the Profile of an Israeli Intelligent Leftist



"Oh, the Happy Days - Fried Rabbit, Wonderful Vanilla Ice Cream, Plum Brandy from Croatia" - Dr. Kramer's memories from his vacation in Auschwitz


The Ariel Center for Policy Research - Its First Year

Essays and Reviews

Another Abandoned Ally, Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto on A Hopeless Hope: The Rise and Fall of the Kurdish Alliance, 1963-1975 by Shlomo Nakdimon ■ Myth, Reality and Its Lesson, Asher Ilani on The October 73 War - Myth Against Reality by Eli Zeira


The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir


Reuven Ben Yoseph ■ Aharon Amir ■  Yitzhak Oren


David Shahar - Gavriel in the Street of the Prophets

Essays and Reviews

Aliza Greenberg - The Poetry of the Rebels ■ Amnon Lord - Aharon Amir's Collection of Essays ■ Orzion Bar-Tanna - Thanks and Hopes on Accepting the Brenner Literary Prize


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