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A Journal of Politics and the Arts Volume 11 ■ Number 1 (60) ■  January 1998

Table of Contents

Current Affairs Digest

"We Will Not Commit Suicide to Please the United States" - Really?
The Editor and His Guests: J.S. Watts - Yasser Arafat Contra the Christians ■  Hillel Weiss - The Pesach at Chanuka ■ Gideon Seter - Vikings and Jews


The Jewish-Muslim Dialogue and the Question of Jerusalem

Abdul Hadi Pallazzi

"Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good and Good Evil"

Netta Kohn Dor-Shav

The Question of Arab Territorial Continuity as the Focal Point of the Middle East Conflict

Ilan Asya

50 Years of the Deir-Yassin Myth

Yehuda Lapidot

A Constitution for Israel

Paul Eidelberg

Balkan Ghosts: To the Root of the Crisis in the Former Yugoslavia

Ivan Cheresnyes


 "The Eternal People" Put to the Test - Raphael Israeli on Prehistoire de l'Etat d'Israel by Paul Giniewsky ■ An Inclusive and Comprehensive Book - Dan Yahav on The Middle East - Two Thousand Years of History: From the Rise of Christianity to the Present by Bernard Lewis


The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir


Ramy Ditzany ■ Balfour Hakkak ■ William Shakespeare ■ William Matthews ■
Bracha Rosenfeld

Essays and Reviews

Yosef Oren on Appelfeld's New Novel ■ Giora Leshem on William Matthews ■
Arieh Stav - A Translator's Apology


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