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A Journal of Politics and the Arts Volume 10 ■ Number 6 (59) ■  November 1997

Table of Contents

Current Affairs Digest

"So it Came to Pass in the Day of Battle that There was Neither Sword nor Spear Found in the Hand of Any of the People..."
The Editor and His Guests:
The Forgotten Element of the Mesh'al Affair ■ The Canonization of Rabin ■ Blanks! Blanks! ■ The Prime Minister Should Have Defended His Comments ■ How American Taxpayers Were Saved 200 Million Dollars ■ Mordechai Nisan - Jezzine and the Future of South Lebanon ■ Yosef Tiran - Martin Indyk - A Short Political Profile ■ Paul Eidelberg - Clausewitz, "On War" - Comments on the Peace Process ■ Irving Kett - The Jewish Peace Movement - Bringing About the Destruction of Israel ■ Amos Carmel - A Glass of Champagne for Carmi Gillon


Peace Agreements Between Israel and the Arabs Since Camp David

Eliyahu Kanovsky

A Look Back and a Glimpse into the Future

David Pryce Jones

European Union: A Disaster in the Making

Elyakim Ha'etzni

Israel and its Operatives: Sinners of Peace

Rachel Ehrenfeld

On the Hero, Ahmed Daqamsa: Murderer of Seven Jewish Whores

Nir Zoref

Between Secular and Religious: An Emphatic View from the Secular Aspect

David Rokeach

Comments on the Dialectic of Israeli Anti-Semitism

Arieh Stav


Critique on the Birth of a Newspaper - Gideon Seter on Makor Rishon ■ Where is the News - Yosef Barnea on The Upper Echelons


The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir


Reuven Ben Yosef ■ Heinrich Heine ■ Eliaz Cohen ■ Rinna Levinzon ■ Elhannan Nir


Felix Kendel - From that Day Onward

Essays and Reviews

Aharon Mazia - There is a Homeland to a Man


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