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A Journal of Politics and the Arts
Volume 10 ■ Number 1-2 (54-55) ■  January-April 1997

Table of Contents

Political Strategy in an Era of Chaotic Change

The State of the State

Zionism: Is There Really A Structural Failure?

The Editor

The Ariel Center for Policy Research: Statement of Aims

The Steering Committee

Grand Strategy for Israel

Yehezkel Dror

The Beginning of the End?

Yosef Ben-Shlomo

Israel's Theater: The State of the "Art"

Moshe Shamir

Whither Israeli Literature?

Yosef Oren


Deteriorating National Strength: The Prism of Public Opinion

Sarit Yalov

"When I See the Ultra-Orthodox, I Understand the Nazis: Jewish Self-Hatred - Articles and Caricatures

The Editors

Through the Looking Glass: A Record of Amazing Flip-Flops Evinced by the Quotations of Prime Ministers - Past and Present

The Editors

Israel in the Region

Introduction: Islam and the Israeli Anomaly

Raphael Israeli

Israel and the Ethos of Jihad

Bat Yeor

Is the Middle East Ready for Peace?

Moshe Sharon

Islamikaze: Suicide Terror

Raphael Israeli

Israeli Arabs and the Palestinian State: Allegiance and Loyalty

Arnon Soffer


Islam: The Focus of Danger to the West

Margaret Thatcher

"We Will Kill, We Will Be Killed, Will Kill, Be Killed..." - Arafat's Statements Since the Peace Process Began

Y. Arafat

Arab Anti-Semitism: Examples from the Arabic Press and Cartoons

The Editors

The Gaza-Hebron Land Bridge


"We Have Made a Treaty with Death and with the Grave Have Signed a Pact..." (Jer. 28:15): The PLO - The Covenant, The Strategy of Stages, The Symbol and the Name

The Editors

The Israeli Security Paradigm

Recipe for Disaster: A Palestinian State

Aharon Levran

Room for Maneuver?: Israel's Strategic and Tactical Depth in the Missile Age

Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto

Scenario of the Next Middle East War

Yossef Bodansky

Judea and Samaria: A Necessary Buffer in the Age of "Smart Weapons"

Edward Saar (Sturm)

The Strategic Value of the Golan

David Eshel

The Arrow Missile System: Some Question Marks

Reuven Pedatzur

Destroying Missiles in the Boost Phase


Technology, Borders and Military Doctrine

Ze'ev Bonen

Israel and the Limits of Nuclear Deterrence

Yuval Ne'eman

The Biological and Chemical Threats to Israel

Dany Shoham

Terror: From Tactical Nuisance to Strategic Threat

Binyamin Netanyahu


The Pentagon Plan: A Map of Defensible Borders for Israel

The Editors

Why Israel's Defense Budget Should be Raised and Linked to Its GDP

The Editors

Along the Time Axis: The "Arrow" and "MOAB" Weapons Systems

Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto

Strategic Escalation: SCUD-C Missiles in Egypt and Syria

The Editors

The Third "Pulse" Means No Pulse at All

The Editors

The Sting: A Demonstration of Portable Missiles vs. Airplanes at Ben Gurion Airport

The Editors

A Palestinian State, the Range of Katyusha Rockets and Strategic Abuse

The Editors

Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East: A Survey

Daniel Leshem

Proliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Middle East: A Survey

Dany Shoham

Egypt: From Cold Peace to Cold War

Shawn Pine

The Qualitative Lead: The Israeli Air Force as Cutting Edge


Is This a Peace Process?

How Democracies Fail in Negotiations with Totalitarian Regimes

Paul Eidelberg

The Oslo Accords in the Prism of Israeli Law

Eliav Shochetman

The Oslo Accords in the Prism of International Law

Louis René Beres

American-Israeli Relations: From Strategic Asset to Political Liability

Ezra Sohar

The Value of International - and Especially American - Guarantees

Irving Moskowitz

An Economic Dividend from Peace?

Eliyahu Kanovsky

Water and the Peace Process: Some Dry Facts

Martin Sherman

Learning from History: Czechoslovakia Then and Israel Today

Arieh Stav


The Interim Agreements: Illegal Accords

Howard Grief

The Peace Process: A Psycho-Pathological Angle

Netta Kohn Dor-Shav

Jerusalem - Toward a Status of an Acting Capital

Ezra Sohar

Territory for Peace: A Map

Eli Green

Losing Two-Thirds of Israel's Water: What that Means

The Editors

US Aid to Israel: Comparative Tables

The Editors

Comparing the Economic Strength of Israel and the Arabs

The Editors


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