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NATIV  Volume Seventeen   Number 1 (96)  ■  January 2004 ■ Shvat 5764 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research




Ariel Sharon: "Any Concession Whatever in 'the Territories' is a Certain Recipe for National Suicide"

The Editor and his guests: Ariel Sharon: Jordan is Palestine Eugene Rostow: Are the Settlements Legal? Raphael Israeli: The Elation of Self-Destruction in the Face of the New Palestinian Strategy ■ David Bukay: The International-Anarchist-Left Syndrome: The Geneva Initiative ■ Emanuel Winston: Merkava Following the Lavi ■ Eric Hoffer: Israel's Peculiar Position ■ Irving Kett: The "Useful Idiots" ■ L.A.: Garbage, the City and Death ■ Chayym Zeldis: History: "A Nightmare from Which I Try to Awaken"

Current Affairs Digest


Manfred Gerstenfeld

The Mahathir Affair: A Case Study in Mainstream Islamic Anti-Semitism


Christopher Barder

"Peace", the Politicians, the Press, and the Public: Israel's Portrayal "Always in the Wrong" and How to Reverse It

David Pryce-Jones

The Closed Circle - Postscript 1996-2003


Azriel Lorber

The Growing Threat of the Kassam Unguided Rockets


Amnon Lord

The Love that Dares Not Call Itself by Name

Jewish Self-Hatred

Theodor Lessing

Jewish Self-Hatred (1930)

Elyakim Ha'etzni

Jewish Self-Hatred (2003)

Ahuva Feldman

A Collective Self-Flagellation: Self-Hatred in Israeli Literature

Raya Epstein

Post-Zionism and Democracy


David Ben-Gurion

The Land has Shaped Us and We have Shaped this Land


Ziva Feldman: Reflections on Esther Zilber-Vitkon ■ Esther Zilber-VitkonYoram BeckJuana de la Crůz

Prose and Poetry

"Post Zionists and the Zionist Left" - Gavriel Moked on Israel and the Post-Zionists: A Nation at Risk Edited by Shlomo Sharan ■ "The Irony of History" - Shmuel Lerman on The Founding Fathers of Zionism by Benzion Netanyahu

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