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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 6 (95)  ■  November  2003 ■ Kislev 5764 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





Is the Level of Israelís High-Ranking Officers Deteriorating?

Aharon Yaffe

Recently we have heard some clear voices complaining about the descending level of the Israeli high-ranking officers coming fom all corners of society.

ē     Have the areas of interests of the officers become narrower?

ē     Has their level of military and theoretical strategic thinking really derogated?

This article will try to address some of the questions, problems and aspects related to the above concerns and their consequences. In this article, we do not relate to the technical-professional level of the commanders and their ability to maintain and control the modern tactical weapons, rather we deal with the continuing lack of high-ranking officers who demonstrate leadership characteristics: broad and abstract thinking, as well as an ideology and charisma which characterized the military leaders of vision which we often saw in the first IDF Generals.

This critical lack of leadership seriously affects the state of the nation. The IDF high-ranking officers who served in the nationís first years formed the main political leader reservoir and laid the foundation to many of its basic pillars.

Israel will miss this reservoir in the future.


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