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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 6 (95)  ■  November  2003 ■ Kislev 5764 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





Beilinism - The Eleventh Plague

David Bukay

The Geneva Agreement is a direct result of the Oslo Accords, which brought to the Jewish people over 1,300 victims of terror, over 6,000 hurt and handicapped and has inflicted upon an entire nation a post-trauma syndrome. The Geneva Agreement has led Israel another big step towards its destruction as a national entity, and serves as a political putsch for the “Oslo gang” in its subversiveness against democracy in Israel, by cooperating with the worst deadly enemy facing the Jewish people since the Nazis.

“Beilinism” achieves all this with the financial, logistical and organizational assistance of the countries in the EU and with the support and backing of the Israeli media, with whom “Beilinism” has established a “mutual admiration society”.

The Geneva Agreement and “Beilinism” are a dangerous combination, and should be treated  as an act of national treason in a time of war.


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