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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 4-5 (93-94)  ■  Sep. 2003 ■ Elul 5763 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





EuroIslam: The Jihad Within

Olivier Roy

Translated and Reprinted with permission
The National Interest, No. 71 (Spring 2003), Washington, DC.

If there were any question as to whether Middle Eastern-born Muslim radicals could wreak massive destruction in Western countries, it was answered on September 11, 2001. An important related question, however, remains on the table. Could future Islamic terror arise from within Western societies, from Muslim radicals born in the West and thoroughly familiar with its ways? What paths might such radicalism take? To answer this question, we must develop and consult a new sociology that of EuroIslam. (This essay deals only with western Europe. A universal form of Islam is also developing in the United States and Canada, but it differs in structure and implication from that in European countries.)


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