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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 4-5 (93-94)  ■  Sep. 2003 ■ Elul 5763 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





Seeds of Evil: From Oslo to Aqaba and Back

Raphael Israeli

The Aqaba Summit, which once again raised hopes for the revival of a peace process with the Palestinians, bears all the discouraging signs of Oslo that is a sure road to disaster. Because, not only were the difficult issues of Jerusalem, the settlements and the refugees once again relegated to the negotiations for a permanent settlement, something that is certain to be crushed after the high expectations raised by the parties before those negotiations opened, but, once again, the issue of eliminating violence unconditionally, as promised in Oslo and once again in Aqaba, remains unresolved. Abu-Mazen did not condemn violence for its immorality, but because of the expediency of the moment while the US President was listening and watching; he did not condemn the perpetrators, whom he can identify by name, but the acts of terror as if they were natural calamities; and he refused to battle terror and dismantle its infrastructure. What is the basis for the new hopes, if we once again embark on that bumpy road of Oslo which has led us nowhere?


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