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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 4-5 (93-94)  ■  Sep. 2003 ■ Elul 5763 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





The Jews of France Tormented
by the “Intifada of the Suburbs”

Paul Giniewski

The Jews of France have been deeply involved in “the War of Human Bombs” since October 2000; first of all, emotionally. The vast majority have been very involved in the cause of defending Israel.

They have been politically involved too. Their institutions (particularly the CRIF, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France) and their press have stood up against the disinformation of the media, and against the favoritism of French governments (both right and left) for the Palestinian Arabs.

However, even more than this, the involvement of the French Jews has been physical. Since the beginning of the “Intifadat al-Aqsa”, anti-Israel demonstrations have proliferated. They have been accompanied by anti-Jewish violence. Shouts have been heard in the streets of Paris; not only “Down with Sharon!”, but “Death to the Jews!” as well. Hundreds of incidents of anti-Jewish violence have occurred, in Paris as well as in the provinces, anti-Semitic graffiti and insults, schools and synagogues burned down, an attempt to murder a rabbi, etc. The term “Intifada of the Suburbs” emerged spontaneously, in view of the coexistence in the same Paris suburbs of significant Jewish communities and communities of North African origin.

The reaction of the authorities and the media at first consisted of almost completely ignoring the phenomenon. Little by little, in view of its magnitude, public opinion and the government began to take it seriously. Nevertheless, both communities were urged to abstain from violence; the community from which Judeophobic violence was coming, and the Jewish community which had suffered this violence. Likewise in play was the unjust equivalence asserted by Europe in the Middle East between the violence of the Palestinian terrorists and Israel's legitimate acts of self-defense. This equivalence was even more out of place in France where not one single “anti-Arab” act was committed by the Jews.


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