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NATIV  Volume Sixteen   Number 4-5 (93-94)  ■  Sep. 2003 ■ Elul 5763 ■ Ariel Center for Policy Research





The Media: A Terrorist's Best Friend

David Bukay

It is well-known throughout the world that the media is the terrorists’ best friend. An act of terror without publicity is worthless by itself. Without the media, terrorism is the weapon of the impotent. Ted Koppel was on the mark when he noted that television and terrorists have an essentially symbiotic relationship. The media is the superpower of the world today – more than any other element in modern Western society – and since it works actively in the political arena and influences the public agenda, it needs to be responsible and honest.

This article discusses the symbiotic connections between the Israeli leftist media and Palestinian terrorism. We refer to a new concept as “pseudo-Zionism”, to describe those who despite being within the Zionist camp, harshly criticize Israeli defense policy, while being blind to the claims and aspirations of its enemies. These “pseudo-Zionists” victimize the victims, while rehabilitating the murderer. They oppose Israeli nationalism and national pride as being extreme chauvinism, whereas Palestinian nationalism is legitimate. They are prepared to accept the murderous demands of Israel’s enemies that pose an existential danger to the State of Israel. They bear significant responsibility for the fact that for the first time in world political history, a ceaselessly violent terrorist movement stands to triumph and establish a state.


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