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NATIV   ■   Volume Fifteen   ■   Number 3 (86)  ■  June 2002   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




France, Zionism and Israel

Richard Millman

Despite some favorable periods, throughout much of the history of modern Zionism, France has acted in an unsympathetic and even hostile manner towards the Jewish state and Zionism. Some of the more flagrant examples of this are when the popular French daily Liberation called the brillant and life-saving Entebbe rescue mission in 1976 “Israeli terrorism”. In the same period the then Prime Minister of France, Jacques Chirac made provisions to supply Saadam-Hussein’s Iraq a nuclear reactor which was destroyed in 1981 by the IDF.

Little has changed as the French media and politicians frequently berate the beseiged Jewish democracy. While the French Jewish community produced – and continues to do so – some laudable Jewish nationalists, it has, as well, contributed individual Jews and organizations that have led the way in attacks on Israel and Zionism. This tendancy was noted early by Theodore Herzl who polemicized against the “Alliance Israelite” and other elements of French Jewry. More recently a good number of French Jewish intellectuals have lambasted Israel and the Zionist ideology, which only encourages non-Jews to follow in their path.

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