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NATIV   ■   Volume Fifteen   ■   Number 3 (86)  ■  June 2002   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




The Editor and His Guests: The International Conference for Peace in the Middle East – A Set-up for Strategic FailureLouis René Beres – The Rules of War ■ Michael Green – Strategies for Israel – Do Not Despair Yet! ■ Erez Uriely – Terje Larssen – The Dubious Business of Peacemaking ■ Christopher Barder – The Need for There to Have Been a Jenin Massacre ■ Haim Misgav – The Supreme Court is Not in Charge ■ Laurence WeinbaumJestem Izraelczykiem - “I Am an Israeli” ■ Norman Doidge – Why the West Gives Yasser Arafat Endless Second Chances ■ Giora Leschem – From the Journal of an Aging and Disabled Poet

Current Affairs Digest


Reuven Pedatzur and David Shiek

The Contribution of Marine Power to Israeli Deterrence in the Future Battlefield


Seth Carus

Iran and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dany Shoham

Iran and Weapons of Mass Destruction by Seth Carus – Update and Supplement

Talia Einhorn

The Arab-Israeli Peace Mirage: Legal Perspectives


Yitzhak Bam

The Qa`Adan Verdict and the Question of Civil National Equality in the Jewish State

Yosef Oren

Who is Being Liberated by Whom: The Bride by A.B. Yehoshua or Yehoshua by the Bride?

The Left

Richard Millman

France, Zionism and Israel



The Qur’an and the Holy Land – A Different Look


Patrick Sookhdeo

Genocide in Sudan and the World’s Silence

Ajai Sahni and K.P.S. Gill

Islamic Extremism and Subversion in South Asia

H. David Kirk

Van Paassen: The Forgotten Ally

Eretz Israel

Raya Epstein

The Path to Zion: Reflections of a Russian Jewess on the Israeli Native

Mordechai Nisan

Tribute to Dan Nimrod

In Memoriam

Policy Statement Issued by Arafat’s Bureau Inciting Israeli Arabs to Join the Intifada


Karen Alkalay-Gut Elizabeta Bagriana Miriam Godall Philip Rosenau


“Business as Usual” – Eviatar Ben Zedeff on The IDF and Military Affairs by Yaakov Amidror ■ “Sin Crouches at the Door” – Miriam Godall on Cain’s Poems by Moshe Shafrir

Book Reviews

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Synopses in English


Prof. Edward Alexander ■ Dr. Yoram Beck ■ Dr. Aharon Ben-Ami ■ Ephraim Ben-Haim ■ Prof. Yosef Ben-Shlomo ■ Prof. Louis René Beres ■ Prof. Yirmiyahu Branover ■ Dr. David Bukay ■ Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav ■ Prof. Paul Eidelberg ■ Dr. Raya Epstein ■ Prof. Emil Fackenheim ■  Naomi Frenkl ■ Dr. Giora Goldberg ■ Prof. Raphael Israeli ■ Shmuel Katz ■ Dr. Mordechai Nisan ■ Aron Pappo ■ Prof. Shlomo Sharan ■ Dr. Martin Sherman ■ Prof. Eliav Shochetman ■ Prof. Ezra Sohar ■ Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto ■ Dr. Laurence Weinbaum ■ Prof. Hillel Weiss

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