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NATIV   ■   Volume Fifteen   ■   Number 1 (84)  ■  January 2002   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




Justus Reid Weiner

Teach Them to Hate: The Use of Palestinian Children -
A Legal and Political Analysis







David Bukay

Total Terror in the Name of Allah: New Islamic Anarchist Terror Groups

Shawn Pine

International Relations Theory and the Prospects for Peace
in the Middle East

Steven Plaut

The Collapse of Israeliness

Susanne Urban-Fahr

German Anti-Semitism in the Year 2000

Gal Luft

The Palestinian Security Forces: Capabilities and Effects on the
Arab-Israeli Military Balance
Published in English as ACPR's Policy Paper No. 131, 2001

Yitzhak Dahan

The Settlements and Their Fight for Legitimization

Shlomo Sharan

Myth: Cultural Asset or Anti-Zionist Weapon
An expanded version of this article was published as ACPR's Policy Paper No. 134, 2001

Harald Vocke

Huntington's Scenario is Not Out of Date

Louis René Beres

Nuclear Deterrence Now - To the Attention of a Busy PM (II)

"The Wise Man Aharon Agababa" - Sicka Aharoni
"The Face of 'Israelism' in Three Formats on War" - Ahuva Feldman

Arts and Prose

...Or Maybe a Brilliant Exercise in Counter-Intelligence? - Arieh Stav on The Middle East Military Balance, 2000-2001 by the Jaffee Center, Shai Feldman and Yiftah Shapir, eds.


"You Can't Converse with Allah" - Azriel Carlebach




NATIV and the Left

Moshe Halbertal

1. Political Dove with a Hawkish Point of View

Hillel Weiss

2. Enlightened Fundamentalism - Toward the Third Temple

Moshe Halbertal

3. The Collapse of Israel, God Forbid, Will Happen if We Don't
     Divide the Land into Two States

"The Finest of the World and the Finest of the Times" - Yoram Beck on The Writings of Uri Zvi Greenberg - Volume 15  "A Touch of Reality in the Face of Illusion and Desperation" - Mordechai Nisan on Oslo's Gift of Peace: The Destruction of Israel's Security by Christopher Barder

Book Reviews

Ezra Sohar  Moshe Shamir Yoel Zilberg

Letters to the Editor

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