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NATIV   ■   Volume Fourteen   ■   Number 4-5 (81-82)  ■  September 2001   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




The Editor and his Guests: Ariel Sharon – Defeatism as National Policy ■ David Bukay – Is Suburban Tel Aviv the Jewish State? ■ The Zionist Congress on The Hill ■ Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto“Man Pads” Shoulder Fired Anti-Aircraft Missiles – What Do They Mean – Politically? Rachel Ehrenfeld – Intifada, Arafat, Deceit, and Corruption ■ The Mitchell Report and the Runciman Report – A Short Lesson in History ■ Elyakim Haetzni – The Mitchell Report – Just Don’t Say “I Didn’t Know” ■ Jonathan Pollard – An Open Letter to the Prime Minister ■ Eilat Mazar – The Destruction of the Temple Mount – Irreversible Damage ■ The Orwellian Column ■ Martin Sherman – The Oslo Gang to Stand Before a Board of Inquiry ■ The Fatal Mistake of Arnon SofferHillel Weis – Reflections After a Visit to Auschwitz ■ Ezra Sohar – The Struggle Should Be Comprehensive ■ The Israeli Generals’ Plan for the Destruction of the Palestinian Authority

Current Affairs Digest

Ran Ichay

EU-Israel Relations: Fraternity between Democracies vs. Political Elasticity?


Ilan Berman

Russia and the Mideast Vacuum

Anthony Dennis

The Islamic Threat - A New and More Dangerous Era

Efrat Tahar-Kedem

The National Identity of the Residents of the Golan Heights

Yosef Oren

Moshe Shamir's "Yair": The Bell of Time

Motti Ashkenazi

The Joint Community of Israel and Jordan

Shaul Shay

The "Afghan Alumni" and the Clash of Civilizations (I)

Walter A. McDougall

Turkey and the West



Ideological Debate

Moshe Lisak

Did the Zionist Mainstream Collapse?

Eliyahu Green on The Forgotten Millions – The Modern Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands by Malka Hillel Shulevitz Haim Misgav  on Who is Afraid of a Jewish State? by Yehuda Cohen

Book Review

The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir

Oded Mizrahi Lois Ungar T.S. Eliot Moshe Shafrir Asher Torren William Blake Esther Zilber-Vitkon


Y. Sikka Aharoni – Shops in Spain Moshe Gannan – A Day of Prayer Ari Allenby – Mission


Arieh Stav – Language, Metaphor and Translation in Three Poems of T.S. Eliot Zur Ehrlich – An Analysis of Alterman’s Poetry

Essays and Reviews

Prof. Edward Alexander ■ Dr. Yoram Beck ■ Dr. Aharon Ben-Ami ■ Ephraim Ben-Haim ■ Prof. Yosef Ben-Shlomo ■ Prof. Yirmiyahu Branover ■ Prof. Louis René Beres ■ Dr. David Bukay ■ Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav ■ Prof. Paul Eidelberg ■ Prof. Emil Fackenheim ■  Naomi Frenkl ■ Dr. Giora Goldberg ■ Prof. Raphael Israeli ■ Shmuel Katz ■ Aron Pappo ■ Prof. Eliav Shochetman ■ Prof. Shlomo Sharan ■ Dr. Martin Sherman ■ Prof. Ezra Sohar ■ Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto ■ Dr. Laurence Weinbaum ■ Prof. Hillel Weiss ■ Gen. (res.) Rechavam Zeevi

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