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NATIV   ■   Volume Fourteen   ■   Number 4-5 (81-82)  ■  September 2001   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




Did the Zionist Mainstream Collapse?

Moshe Lisak

The primary topic, “Did the Zionist mainstream collapse?”, which has been discussed over the course of ten sessions, covered many different areas. From a disciplinary perspective, the analysis is sociological in nature and focuses on delineating the social, political-ideological map on the one hand, and the ramifications of that map on the nature of the Jewish-Arab conflict and its strategic aspects on the other.

The drawing of the political map was not an objective in and of itself. It was an attempt to assess the moral strength of the Jewish population in the face of both the armed struggle with the Palestinians and the social-cultural and ideological schisms.

The principal motif of the talks was an attempt to point to the fact that the settlement enterprise in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, or at least part of it, was an undertaking which disrupted the course of the history of the central Zionist movements, movements which strove to achieve Jewish sovereignty while in the process achieving optimal disengagement from the Arab population. Religious-theological motives and insufficiently validated military considerations disrupted this process on the Right. Conversely - illusions, conceptual errors, historical impatience and even extreme naivete – often characterized the Left.

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