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NATIV   ■   Volume Fourteen   ■   Number 4-5 (81-82)  ■  September 2001   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




The National Identity of the Residents of the Golan Heights

Efrat Tahar-Kedem

The article is an overview of a wide range research regarding the collective identity of the Golan Heights settlers during the period of the attempted negotiations with Syria.

Initially, an historical survey was made focusing on the strategic aspect of the water component and the Golan settlement.

Extensive theoretical background was used to identify problems which were raised during interviews with 18 Golan settlers, which took place during the months February, June and July 2000, when the Golan was experiencing a stormy public campaign.

The population of the study includes two representatives: the generation of veteran Golan settlers, who arrived at a young age as of July 1967, and the second generation born on the Golan.

Many questions were raised on the following issues: identity, memory, population, territory and citizenship.

Furthermore, the contents of documents and newspaper articles have been analyzed. From all the gathered information, the author has created a human mosaic whose purpose is to analyze the process of change and future of the Golan inhabitants from their own introspection and discussions.

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