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NATIV   ■   Volume Thirteen   ■   Number 6  (77)  ■  November 2000   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




How Barak Pulled the Wool over E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E'-S Eyes: The Prime Minister's Secret Speech
The Editor and his Guests Louis René Beres - Oslo and the International Law The Israeli-Arab Irridenta Why the Chief of Staff Thinks that "The IDF is the Strongest Army in the Middle East"   Zalman Shoval - From Camp David to Camp David Howard Grief - Why the Demilitarization of a Palestinian State Will Fail A Note on Stalin and His Israeli Mutations

Current Affairs Digest

Shawn Pine

The Egyptian Threat and the Prospects for War in the Middle East







Shlomo Perla

Belfast and Jerusalem

Raphael Israeli

From Bosnia to Kosovo - Re-Islamization of the Balkans - (I)

Itamar Levin

The Lost Jewish Property in Iraq

Atalia Ben-Meir

Would the Knesset Ratify the Proclamation of Independence Today?

Yisrael Medad

The Temple Mount is Falling Down... Falling Down...

Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto

The Constitution Seen from a Non-Legalistic Perspective

Yossef Bodansky

Islamic Anti-Semitism: The Specter of Intensifying Hatred

"The Reassessment of the Yom Kippur War" - Asher Ilani on The Yom Kippur War: A Different Point of View - Eds. Yaakov Barsimantov and Chaim Ofaz "Anomaly Disguised as Criticism" - Yosef Barnea on Strangers in Utopia: The Civic Rights of Israeli Palestinians by Yoav Peled

Book Review

The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir

Miriam Godal Balfour Hakkak Shira Twersky-Kassel Moshe Shafrir Oded Mizrahi Elhannan Nir Yapha Zinns Dror Eidar Asher Torren


Orzion Bar-Tana - Yehuda Amichai: Sympathetic Revolutionary H.N. Bialik – Do Not Run after Foreign Treasures A. Harel-Fisch – The Relationship between Jewish and Western Cultures Yoseph Oren – On the Poetry of Shlomo Taniy Esther Zilber-Vitkon – Encounter and Transparency On the Meaning of Rhyme (a response)

Essays and Reviews

Zalman Shaar – At the Western Wall


Reuven Ben Yoseph on Gershon Shofman

Homage and Recognition

Prof. Edward Alexander ■ Dr. Yoram Beck ■ Dr. Aharon Ben-Ami ■ Ephraim Ben-Haim ■ Prof. Yosef Ben-Shlomo ■ Prof. Yirmiyahu Branover ■ Prof. Louis René Beres ■
Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav ■ Prof. Paul Eidelberg ■ Prof. Emil Fackenheim ■  Naomi Frenkl ■ Dr. Giora Goldberg ■ Prof. Raphael Israeli ■ Shmuel Katz ■ Aron Pappo ■
Prof. Eliav Shochetman ■ Prof. Shlomo Sharan ■ Dr. Martin Sherman ■ Prof. Ezra Sohar ■ Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto ■ Dr. Laurence Weinbaum ■ Prof. Hillel Weiss ■
Gen. (res.) Rechavam Zeevi

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