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NATIV   ■   Volume Eleven   ■   Number 6 (65) ■  November 1998   ■  Ariel Center for Policy Research




The Farce at Wye The Editor and His Guests: Uzi Landau – Only the Likud Can Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. – How NOT to Forge a Peace Agreement Paul Eidelberg - Viagra – Make Love Not War Raphael Israeli Um El-Fahm: A Warning of Dangers to Come Louis Réne Beres – Israel at 50   Gideon Seter – A Short, Macabre Lesson from History

Current Affairs Digest

Moshe Sharon

Palestinian Ideology and Practice - 5 Years After Oslo







Yisrael Medad and
Eli Pollak

Israel's Public Broadcasting: Reporting or Managing the News?

Stephen Cimbala

Nuclear Deterrence in the Information Age

Ashok Kapur

Missile and Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia and its Implications

Haim Assa

The Operative Response to the TBM Threat

David Vaughan, et. al

Developing BPI / API Capability

Yoav Gelber

The Need for Revision of the Israeli Military Doctrine

Yuval Steinitz

A Palestinian Guerilla Offensive on the Outskirts of Tel Aviv

Hillel Weiss on In a Place Where There are None, Be a Man by Moshe Feiglin ■ Giora Goldberg on Despots, Democrats and the Determinants of International Conflict by Martin Sherman

Essays and Reviews

The Arts ■ Editor: Moshe Shamir

Balfour Hakkak Shulamit Hava Halevi Myron H. Isacson Asher Torren Herzl Hakkak


A Poet's Dialogue: Itamar Yaoz-Kest and Reuven Ben Yoseph ■ Yoseph Oren: A Sad Case of a Best Seller

Essays and Reviews

Prof. Edward Alexander, Dr. Yoram Beck, Dr. Aharon Ben-Ami, Ephraim Ben-Haim, Prof. Yosef Ben-Shlomo, Prof. Yirmiyahu Branover, Prof. Louis René Beres, Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Prof. Emil Fackenheim, Prof. Harold Fisch, Naomi Frenkl, Dr. Giora Goldberg, Prof. Raphael Israeli, Shmuel Katz, Aron Pappo, Prof. Eliav Shochetman, Prof. Shlomo Sharan, Dr. Martin Sherman, Prof. Ezra Sohar, Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto, Dr. Laurence Weinbaum, Prof. Hillel Weis, Gen. (res.) Rechavam Zeevi

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