NATIV Online


Guidelines for Submitting Articles
to NATIV Online


  1. Material should be sent by email, as either a WORD (doc) or HTML file attachment (Do not submit articles, summaries or CVs in the body of the email) to <>.

  2. Before submitting a complete article, kindly send a summary (maximum 300 words) including the relevant points which will be discussed in the article. Be sure to include contact information, (including a phone number). If we are able to make use of the material we will contact you and discuss the complete article.

  3. Together with the summary, please send a short CV (only a few lines) which includes your qualifications to write about the topic you have chosen.

  4. Since this is for an online publication, endnotes should include complete URLs as references where possible. (This should not be instead of books or journals, etc., but in addition.)

  5. It is also recommended to include a bibliography of websites which are related to the topic and can offer the reader more information.

  6. Wherever possible, please include photographs, illustrations and/or graphs with your article (in jpg format).

  7. Questions or clarifications can be sent to