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Anita Tucker

Anita Tucker made aliya (from the US) in 1969 and settled in Beersheva. Seven years and three children later, she answered Yitzhak Rabin's call to found new towns on the empty sand dunes of Gaza (where archeology of our Jewish forefathers had been discovered). She managed her agro-business, growing various vegetables and flowers, making the "cursed land" flourish in greenhouses.

In August 2005, with five children and many grandchildren, Anita and her husband Stuart were expelled from the blossoming home they had built in Netzer Hazani, one of the 20 communities of Gush Katif and they watched their home destroyed and reduced to rubble. After 11 months in youth hotels, Anita and her Netzer Hazani community were moved to another interim "caravilla" town, where, together with the community, she struggles to enable the spirit and values which built Gush Katif to flourish anew.