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Ajai Sahni

Dr. Ajai Sahni is Executive Director, Institute for Conflict Management and the South Asia Terrorism Portal; and Executive Editor, Faultlines: Writings on Conflict & Resolution. He has researched extensively on terrorism and low intensity warfare in the Indian subcontinent, and is the co-editor (with K.P.S. Gill) of Terror & Containment: Perspectives on India's Internal Security.

The Institute for Conflict Management is a registered non-profit Society based in New Delhi, committed to the continuous evaluation and resolution of problems of internal security and to the promotion of a greater understanding of the social, economic, political, legislative and developmental underpinnings of the wide range of internal conflicts in South Asia, and their resolution. The primary activities of the Institute include (1) Research on terrorism, low intensity warfare; sectarian and other conflict, developmental and economic policies in areas of pervasive disorder and the effective civil administration of areas under threat of terrorism or other patterns of widespread strife. (2) Dissemination of information, data and research results through national and international media to create greater awareness of the patterns of strife and initiatives for resolution experienced in South Asia. (3) Consultancy services on terrorism, low intensity warfare and other issues related to internal security.