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NATIV    Volume Thirteen   Number 2 (72)   March 2000    Ariel Center for Policy Research




New Light on the Murder of Chaim Arlosoroff

H. David Kirk

The June 1933 murder of Arlosoroff has long been laid at the door of the Revisionists. Before he died Arlosoroff said Jews did not do it and the British freed two accused Jews. Nevertheless, Revisionism is still widely held responsible. Now new information points in a very different direction.

Reading Goebbels' diaries, the author found references to a love affair that led to the Nazi propagandist's marriage to Magda Quandt. In 21 entries, Goebbels veers between hope and despair, breakup and make-up. Magda, whose previous marriage failed, has reservations about her suitor. She seems still connected with an old flame, a Jew, whom the diary only calls "der fremde Mann" stranger or foreigner. Goebbels does not dare to mention it even in his diary, thus the euphemism "stranger". 

The former lover was Chaim Arlosoroff, now an important Zionist leader in Palestine. He had lately May 1933 come to Berlin to confer with the Nazi government about a deal to transfer Jewish funds to Palestine in return for Zionist help against the worldwide anti-Nazi boycott. Goebbels was likely behind the murder. Discovery of his wife's involvement with this prominent Jew might have ruined his career as top Nazi and Minister of Propaganda. 

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