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Milton (Mi-cha-el) Arfa

Milton (Mi-cha-el) Arfa (1920-2003) lived his entire life in New York, except for visits to Israel. He devoted himself to the study and teaching of all aspects of Hebrew literature, from earliest times until, and including, Israel's contemporary writers. His academic career included teaching at Yeshiva University, the Herzliah College, Hunter College of the City of New York, and New York University. In all of his teaching he emphasized the central and decisive role of Zionism in the life and destiny of the Jewish people. As chairman of the Israel Matz Foundation for almost 40 years, he initiated and implemented several notable literary projects, such as the publication of a volume of the works of Avraham Ibn Ezra, prepared by Israel Levine,1985, and an anthology of the stories and essays of Micha Josef Berdyczewski (Bin-Gorion), prepared by his son, Immanuel bin-Gorion, 1983.